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Benefit from a long tradition in the hardwood trade and sawmill in the area around Munich.

Are you, as a buyer for the industry, a broker, an intermediary or a consumer looking for woodcuts in a mature quality? Do you prefer to work with a family- owned company that has its roots within the region and that does only work sustainably? Are you looking for reasonably priced products or do you have special orders which require the most careful processing?

Then we are the right company for you! We make sure that your orders become a round thing. With our experience, reliability, price awareness, customer focus, flexibility and commitment. Your team from the sawmill and wood trading company Pauls.

We work with the raw material wood and we live from it. Therefore, we deal consciously and considerately with wood and nature. Our hardwoods come from sustainable forestry and are more solid than coniferous woods. As a small business, we are able to respond to your specific needs and to deliver products that convince you especially concerning the price-performance ratio.

Our expertise geared to your requirements.