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Here, in Upper Bavaria, we fulfill customer wishes throughout Europe and via intermediaries also in Asia and we do it in the second generation. Exclusively regional (within 100km) we purchase round timber. Special are our great experience and a well working partner network. Especially with regard to the accessibility and cost-effective fast transport routes, it is of great advantage for us as well as for our customers, to be located directly on the autobahn Munich – Salzburg.

senior partner
Josef Pauls
founder of the company 1973

Thomas Pauls

Company history

Until 1973 Sawmill services Josef Wiesböck
Full gang saw and horizontal frame in a sawing hall
1973 Taking over by the son- in- law Josef Pauls.
Start of the wood trading company Josef Pauls.
1986 Demolition and new construction of a hydroelectric power plant.
1990 emolition of the old sawmill. Horizontal frame remains unchanged.
New construction of sawmill with a full gang saw.
1999 Construction of the drying chamber.
Construction of a warehouse for dried wood.
2005 Construction of a woodchip heating with district heating network.
2006 Construction of a second warehouse for dried wood.
Construction of a photovoltaic system on top of the sawing roof.
2010 Construction of a third warehouse for dried wood.
Construction of second photovoltaic system on top of two warehouses.
2013 Handing over to the son Thomas Pauls.
2016 Demolition of the old horizontal frame hall.
Construction of a new sawing hall with a log band saw.

Company tour

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Our premise is sustainable forestry. The well-known and demanded principle of sustainability has its origins in the early 18th century. Sustainable forest management was demanded, that means that not more wood is harvested than growing. The long-term use of nature by humans can only be build on the idea of economical and sustainable use of natural resources. The cultivation of wood should be aligned to consistency and continuity. Hereby, it is important to take the quality of the locations climate, soil, size of the area and the amount of wood into account. Contents of our daily work – 300 years later still up-to-date!

Tegernseer customs

On your request, we separate according to Tegernseer customs. The customs are available between companies, also business people. They also apply if they have not been explicitly agreed and even if one of the business people involved does not know the customs. The customs do not apply if they have been expressly excluded in the run-up to the trading action. The “customs in the domestic trade concerning round timber …” do not only apply concerning the timber trade, but concerning all who trade in wood and do business with it. The customs do also apply to traders who act as buyers, i.e. joiners, carpenters, building contractors, etc.